Children’s Birthday Parties
Fun, live, interactive musical entertainment for babies, toddlers, young children, and older kids too!  
Mister Q’s unique style of family music, song, dance, poetry, and storytelling 
can take an average birthday party and make it extraordinary!

Mister Q brings everything needed for a fun-filled birthday party.

Instruments and props include: Rhythm sticks, jingle bells, egg shakers, 
hand drums, play-along instruments, balls, scarves, and a rainbow parachute.  

All you need to provide is a space to play.
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What Are Parents Saying About Birthday Parties with Mister Q?
Mister Q, you were a hit! Many thanks. Ellory could not believe that you sang "paved paradise," as she calls it. She keeps saying "we had a big dance party and we sang paved paradise!" You completely made her day and the whole performance was really a gift. 
Elyse N.
San Francisco, CA

We are more than grateful that Mister Q was able to play at our son's 3rd Birthday party. We have taken many music classes with Mister Q, so we were already aware of his charisma and passion for playing music for kids. The kids at the party were between 1 and 6 years old and all of them were captivated by Mister Q's performance. All of the kids joined the fun, sang, danced, twirled, jumped and played with the different instruments and toys that Mister Q brought. Besides having a beautiful voice, Mister Q has a lot of energy and can lead a group of very active kids while being super cool and laid-back. Adults at the party had a lot of fun too! Mister Q is super organized, he answered promptly all our e-mails and made sure we were on the same page. The day of the party, he arrived 15 min before the show to set up, so the entire 45 min performance were dedicated to entertain the kids. He gladly accepts requests and playing the Spider-man song at our son's party was a hit. Thank you Mister Q! 
Angelica V.
San Mateo, CA

Mister Q performed at our 3 year old daughter's birthday party and was a huge hit! Everyone enjoyed the music and as the host I received many compliments from guests that they had a great time. Mister Q knows just how to play the right songs to keep the kids and adults engaged and entertained during the party. Thank you Mister Q!!!
Brenda W.
San Francisco, CA

Mister Q played a set at my son's third birthday party and it was a hit! The kids were all very engaged and had a blast. Mister Q was on time, professional, and above all, great with the kids. I highly recommend Mister Q for your event!
Dustin E.
San Francisco, CA

Mister Q played at my daughter's 2nd birthday party last weekend and was a huge hit! We go to music class each week, but having teacher Michael at our party was very different and quite a treat. He brought tons of instruments for the kids (and adults) to play with and kept them entertained the entire time he was there. We even had the part in a park and the kids were not at all distracted by whatever else was going on-- they were having too much fun with him! Mister Q is very professional and contacted me beforehand to ask about my daughter's favorite songs. He learned a new one for her and even played 'Call Me Maybe' on the spot when we told him it was her brand new favorite.  I highly recommend him for fun, easy birthday party entertainment!
Amy W.
Hillsborough, CA

Mister Q has been entertaining and educating my son at his daycare for two years. I credit a great deal of my son's interest in music, song and sounds to the wonderful experience provided by Mister Q. Every week, we notice our son attempting to create new sounds with musical instruments or just everyday items...we now know why he is always insisting on having TWO spoons in his hand! Recently, we had Mister Q provide musical entertainment at our son's birthday party and he was a HUGE hit. All the children loved the variety of toys and instruments as well as the range of music-- nursery rhymes to the American Top 40...who doesn't like a little Gaga? I had multiple parents ask me for his information and comment on his patience and ability to "read the crowd"...something many of us parents are still navigating. I plan to use Mister Q again and look forward to my son coming home each week to teach me his latest song or show me a new sound he learned in his music class. Thank you Mister Q! 
Blake S. 
Oakland, CA

Thank you for bringing so much joy and fun to my son's birthday party.  You brought such an impressive selection of instruments and activities for all the kids and wove everything together with your unique Mister Q magic.  Everyone was talking about your wonderful performance long after you left.
Alisa B.
San Mateo, CA

My son loves Michael's regular music class so it was a no brainer to ask Mister Q to come to his 2nd birthday party. Mister Q did a great job entertaining a room full of hyper, sugar-laced kids ranging from 6 months to 6 years. There was something for everyone music wise as well as activity wise (shakers, drums, balls, sticks, etc.). My son and his friends loved it and the parents loved some kids-free eating and drinking time!
Nisha S. 
Hillsborough, CA

This is our second time using Mister Q for our son's birthday party and we could not have been happier. We love his gentle energy in addition to his wonderful voice and guitar playing. He makes the party fun for kids of all ages...both our two year old and six year old loved it. He brings out instruments, shakers and balls and the songs he sings are modern and appeal to all ages. I highly recommend him!
Michelle M.
San Mateo, CA

Mister Q made my son's 1st birthday so fun!  My son loved his music and even started participating. He kept the kids entertained and we will definitely have him back again for our next party!
Celeste S. 
San Jose, CA

Mister Q was a huge success at our son's birthday.  We had kids of many different ages, and they were all able to participate.  The parents really enjoyed themselves too, and sang along to some of the songs.  I particularly liked all the "props" Mister Q brought with him, such as scarves, egg shakers, drums, etc because the kids really got to be part of making the music.
Heather S.
San Francisco, CA

A huge thank you for making our little girl's party such an occasion of joy and fun for her and also for her little guests. It was such a delight to see 3 year olds up to 9 year olds participating with you. Even the adults loved the musical combination of current adult music and children's favorites. I expect a number of our guest parents will be contacting you for their own kid's parties. Great job!
T’s Parents, 
Belmont, CA

My daughter and I are enrolled in Michael's Music Together class and we could not be happier. My daughter who has a spunky personality loves his class. We've tried other teachers but Michael blows the other teachers away! Also Michael's vocals and music sound better than the Music Together CD we get from class. I think the producers of the CD should sit in Michael's class. We hired Michael to play at my baby shower. He was so accommodating, as he was already booked on that day, but was able to squeeze us in (he had to skip lunch and drive up and down the peninsula). The kids loved him and we got so many compliments about him. At the beginning of the baby shower he was singing a Black Eyed Peas song, but he makes it his own and it's amazing how talented he is! He incorporates his own style to the music and it's awesome. He also has a way of making everyone feel involved and pays attention to all the kids. He's very patient and really good with kids, as my daughter tends to jump up and down and run around. We're so happy to see him each week and we can't wait to book Mister Q again!
Christina S.
San Carlos, CA

We hired Mister Q to perform at our daughter's first birthday party, and we couldn't be more pleased. The children were thrilled by his musical talent and genuinely charmed by his personal warmth. Mister Q knows how to bring great happiness to a room full of children and adults alike. As parents, we appreciated that he arrived early, brought his own props, and was very respectful as well as personally engaging.  We strongly recommend Mister Q for your next children's event.
Susanna Y
Millbrae, CA

My girls were so delighted with Mister Q's music show for their 3rd birthday, they can't stop talking about it. Even their older cousins had a great time. He relates to the kids really well and had plenty of instruments and hands-on gear to keep everyone entertained. Double thumbs up.
Diane B.
Belmont, CA

Mister Q was wonderful with the kids! He was very easy going with them. He guided them with the instruments so they could have some "direction" while having a blast doing hands-on music! He paced his activities really well so the kids, who ranged from 8 months to 5 years, were kept entertained the whole time. Even the adults really got into the musical spirit! We all had a blast, and must have been quite a sight doing the "alien" sticks! Mister Q was definitely a fantastic addition to our party, and the kids left for home with a lasting impression! Thanks, Mister Q!
Grace O.
Santa Clara, CA

Mister Q is wonderful! My daughter started going to his weekly music and art classes when she was 20-23 months old and she still talked about him a year later. When it came time to plan her 3rd birthday party she was given some choices for a party activity and she chose Mister Q. It was a fantastic day and my friends all loved the fact that the music was not only great for the children, but for the adults too. Thank you Mister Q! You are dear in our hearts.  
Karen F.
San Francisco, CA

Mister Q was the perfect addition to our daughter's birthday. We had a range of ages coming from 10 months to 4 years old and I was hoping to find an "activity" that would keep all age groups entertained. It was amazing to see how Mister Q was able to capture each child's attention and keep them happy, engaged, and curious for 45 minutes of music, stories, and playtime with musical instruments. Even the parents got into the spirit and we had close to 30 people sitting on the lawn, singing, swaying, and enjoying the show. Leading up to our party, Mister Q was very professional. He stayed in touch via email and was happy to accommodate our requests and questions. As promised, he showed up early to set up and and was ready to play at the promised appreciated at a party of kids with scheduled nap times. Mister Q was a wonderful addition to our party!
Carmela W. 
San Mateo, CA

Mister Q performed at our daughter's first birthday party and thanks to him it was truly a day to remember. The kids (ages 6 months to 3.5 years) loved listening to him sing and play his guitar, they loved singing along, they loved dancing to the music, and they loved playing the instruments that he brought for them. The adults had just as much fun enjoying Mister Q's performance and watching the kids sing, dance, and play. The icing on the cake was that he wrapped up his performance by leading our party in singing "Happy Birthday" to our little Charlotte. Mister Q made the kids' day, which made the adults' day, which made it a great day for everyone! He was on time, set up quickly, performing within a few minutes, and played a full set of music enjoyed by all. Mister Q will make your party an event and a wonderful day to remember. He was worth every penny and we cannot recommend him highly enough.
Ben C.
San Mateo, CA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Mister Q!!! Jack's 4th Birthday party was a huge success and you were a big part of it! Everyone had a great time. When I dropped Jack off at school this morning, I heard at least 2 kids still talking about Jack’s party! All the parents were very impressed by you and your performance. I can happily recommend you to anyone who wants a unique birthday experience for their child. You truly have a gift when it comes to entertaining children!
Kristina C.
Campbell, CA

Thanks Mister Q! With a bunch of 3 to 20 month old kids at the birthday party, I wasn't sure the entertainment would keep them engaged. I thought they were too young. I was wrong! Within the first few minutes Mister Q had all the kids settling down and watching him. 10 minutes into the session, and my year old son was totally focused on the music and exploring the musical instruments. I have never seen him stay focused for that long on anything! Everyone thought it was an excellent time for their kids and we all would unhesitatingly recommend Mister Q for any children's gathering, no matter what their age.
Raghu R.
San Mateo, CA 

We enjoyed having Mister Q come to play music at my daughter's 4th birthday party. Music was the one thing that I knew she would absolutely love having at her party. The children were very engaged with Mister Q's music and instantly gathered together to play on the drums and other instruments. Mister Q's musical talents really captured the attention of the children for the entire length of the program! I would highly recommend Mister Q to anyone else who is considering adding musical fun to their child's party! 
Amy O.
San Mateo, CA

Mister Q was fantastic at our 3 year old’s birthday party. It was the perfect entertainment. The kids were engaged and smiling; loving each activity, instrument and song. He provided a great blend of singing, dancing, and moving about. I'm not sure who was happier, the parents or the children. Our guests were raving about "the music man." We will absolutely have him again!
Kate S.
San Mateo, CA

Mister Q did a fantastic job keeping the children engaged and entertained at my son's birthday party! Many parents said it was one of the best birthday parties their kids had ever gone to. Not only the children had a wonderful time, but parents enjoyed it as well. Thank you Mister Q!
Allen C.
San Mateo, CA

Thank you Mister Q! Everyone certainly did have a blast! It was a "sizzling" party, literally! LOL!  I was even told by my business partner and his wife that this was the BEST kids’ party they've ever been too! They thought it was definitely all about the it should be. As a single Mommy I thought it was a very successful first birthday party for my son. I was thrilled with the outcome. Couldn't have done it without you. Such an entertainer for kids and adults alike! Thank you!
Jenn L.
San Mateo, CA

Mister Q was the perfect guest at my son's 3rd birthday party! We've been to other parties with magicians, face painting, etc, but my son has never showed much interest in those things. He loves music and the guitar, and has taken Music Together classes since he was 7 months old, so I was super excited to find Mister Q's website and so grateful when he was able to fit us into his busy schedule! We had 20 kids at the party, ranging from 6 months to 6 years old, and ALL of them were interested, engaged and excited throughout the session! Mister Q even took time after the performance to talk to my son one-on-one and show him his son was in heaven! After the party, my son said his favorite part of the day was Mister Q! 
Ashley U.
Sunnyvale, CA

I can't thank you enough for the fun entertainment that was provided at Rylie's 1st birthday party.  The music was great and enjoyed by you kept the attention of +30 kids is impressive! I am still hearing comments about how enjoyable it was to watch all of the kids engaged and entertained dancing and singing. I would, without a doubt, recommend you for anyone looking for terrific entertainment at any birthday or children's gathering.
Heather D.
Foster City, CA

Mister Q performed at my daughter's first birthday party and the children loved him! The kids and adults (even the ones who don't yet have children! ) were entertained and had a fun time singing along and playing with the accompanying musical instruments and props. He was able to quickly engage and make an instant connection with each of the children. He came early to set up which was done in no time; then the time with him flew by and was over before we all knew it! Thank you for an amazing time and many wonderful memories!
Jennifer C. 
San Mateo, CA

I was lucky to meet Mister Q at a friend’s birthday party. I saw how much fun the children (and adults) were having with him, so I asked Mister Q to come to my daughter’s 4th birthday celebration. My daughter was so excited about him coming and told all her friends to be ready for singing and making music. Mister Q is not only a talented musician; he is also amazing with children. The children felt connected to him and were completely engaged. All our friends are still talking about how much fun they had with Mister Q and my daughter has continued to sing his songs. Thank you Mister Q!
Jamie B.
San Carlos, CA

Mister Q's talent and passion for music is truly contagious!  As a parent, it is important to me that our daughters interact with people who truly love their life's work; clearly Mister Q has found his calling and is inspiring young (and old!) to find the joy in music and movement.  Our daughter's 2nd birthday party was a great success and we are grateful for the enthusiasm and energy that Mister Q brought to our gathering.  We will always remember this celebration with fond memories...thanks to Mister Q! 
Deena B.
San Mateo, CA

I wanted to do something special and memorable for my daughter's second birthday. My family, including my niece and nephew were coming in town to celebrate her birthday so I really wanted to find something that all of the kids would really enjoy. I read several recommendations for Mister Q online and decided to have him come and play. He was incredible!!! The kids (and the adults!) all had absolutely the best time. They were all singing, dancing, rocking, and laughing the whole time. Mister Q has an amazing way of connecting with kids, and his program is so creative that it is really engaging. A week after the party, everyone was still talking about how great he was, and the kids are all still singing the songs he played. He was also extremely professional and just a very nice person.  I give him the highest recommendation!
Sejal S. 
Fremont, CA

I first met Mister Q at a friend's weekly mother's group. The Moms and kids had a lot a fun and Mister Q was so engaging I decided to hire him for my daughter's second birthday. He arrived at our home with instruments and props. He set up quickly and was ready to entertain. All the kids and parents had a wonderful time. My daughter really loved the activity with the rhythm sticks. I would definitely recommend Mister Q for birthday parties and parent participation music classes.  
Sharon C.
San Mateo, CA

I was at a loss of what to do for my son's birthday. Colby was turning 5 and to him it was a big deal. I came across Mister Q's website while doing a search for children’s birthday party entertainment. Colby loves to sing so I knew Mister Q was the answer. Mister Q’s guitar got a lot attention from my son. I could tell he really wanted to touch it, but he held back. After one strum on the guitar, for Colby, there was nothing else in the room. My 5-year old now wants to play the guitar and "rock the mic" just like Mister Q! Thank you Mister Q for making Colby's birthday perfect.
Mark T.
San Francisco

Mister Q is a breath of fresh air! Today he taught a music class at my younger son's preschool. He is so interactive with his teaching, he had instant connections with all the children. My first experience with Mister Q was last year. I hired him for my older son's sixth birthday party. Trevor happens to share his birthday with Halloween. Mister Q performed his Halloween program for the entire neighborhood of kids. Halloween parties are pretty crazy, but Mister Q captivated all the little clowns, pirates, mermaids and ghosts with his music and games. 
Maggie T.
Hillsborough, CA

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